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I have been teaching at Central CT. State Univ in New Britain, CT. since 1997. I teach all levels of ceramics from beginning to graduate level. I have also been providing workshops for the past 30+ years.


I provide workshops in raku, pit, saggar, wheel throwing, glazing, firing and alternative finishing. Basically, if I’m using it on my personal work, I will provide a workshop on that specific technique. Techniques, such as lusters and melted copper, do require 2 day minnimum because of the multi fire process.

In steel, I specialize in the fabrication process. I use tig, mig, stick, and Oxy. Acetylene. For workshops in this specific area, I can accommodate up to 3 people.  


Workshop are from 9:00 am – 4:30/5:00 pm in my Simsbury, CT studio but I am willing to travel to your school or studio.

I have 2 Raku kilns and one large pit for firings. We can fit up to 6 kiln firings in a day that could represent a total of 75 pieces 6” wide (16" H. max) for the group. Bring your work or ship it to my studio. Pit firings accommodate about 50 pieces but are only possible when Mother Nature permits. If selected/added, it will reduce the number of kiln firings. I provide all the materials except Horse hair and feathers (bring your own).


If you have at least 2 people, we can schedule a workshop that fits our timeline. I would then open it up for others to join.

Questions, Book your group or Get on a list HERE

Per day workshop prices at my studio:

  • 1-2 participants: $800

  • 3-7 participants: $300per person

Workshop prices at your studio or school:

  • $500 per day + travel and Lodging - you provide all materials

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