I am a Full Time Professor at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain CT. I teach all levels of ceramics from beginning to graduate level. I have also been providing workshops for the past 30+ years. In Clay I specialize in pit fires and Raku. My background involves both hand building and wheel throwing. Firings range from trash can fires to stoneware reduction firings. I provide workshops at my studio that accommodate 1 to 15 participants. Most of the workshops I provide are focused on Raku or Pit-fires however, wheel throwing demonstrations/workshops, glazing, firing and alternative finishing workshops are also available. Basically, if I’m using it on my personal work, I will provide a workshop on that specific technique.


In Steel, I specialize in the fabrication process I use tig, mig, stick, and Oxy. Acetylene. I weld copper stainless and steel. For workshops in this specific area, I can accommodate up to four people in my studio.


 If you’re interested, feel free to contact me to discuss your specific needs.