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Luster Vessel, (currently in exhibit. Will be available to ship at the end of April).

Luster Vessel 9.25" x 10"

SKU: 211LW
  • This vase has been fired multiple times to receive this finish. It was wheel thrown and the texture was sandblasted. It received multiple cracks in the initial Raku firing but then was drilled and refired with a luster glaze. I used brass bolts and copper wire to mend it. Plese note,  Luster finishes are difficult to photograph. Note how it changes with the background and the light source.

    For Decorative purposes only. Vase will hold dry materials, such as dried flowers, if desired. It is not water-tight (will absorb water). To clean dust with a clean, dry cloth.

    All my work is handmade at my Studio in Simsbury CT. Most of my work starts from a ball of clay on the potter's wheel. Each one is individually Created so there are no 2 alike.

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